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bookString Package

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10% OFF
Unique alternative to a traditional bookmark. Colorful funky bookmarks: simply slip the string between the pages of your book. Various beads and charms on one end and coordinating beads/charms on the other. Buy a set of ten and get 10% off. Good impulse item and a great gift. Each bookString is handmade and is one-of-a-kind (beads and charms will vary depending on what I have in stock).

                      *Buy 10, get 10% DISCOUNT (reflected in the price)
                      *Unique and one-of-a-kind
                      *Each string "tells a story"
                      *Presented on a gift card
                      *Packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve
                      *Mix and match to create your own assortment
                      *Made in America

Specify your bookString choices preferences in the "notes" section in the order form.